University Physical Master Plan

Building the Future

The university physical master planning process is an important opportunity to engage the entire Rutgers community—faculty, staff, students, neighbors—in envisioning the future for its surroundings. Rutgers’ most recent physical master plan was completed in 2003; since then, the university has gone through significant growth and change. The current round of physical master planning, taking into account ongoing strategic planning efforts, will reassess each campus’s needs and goals, both individually and as part of the entire University. The physical master planning process will establish a baseline status and then produce strategies for future growth that respond to the university’s long-term goals.

These strategies, grounded in the vision and goals of the strategic plan, will guide future decision making and define paths toward implementation. Through these strategies, the physical master plan will empower a different type of thinking and process, enabling the university to carefully respond to changing circumstances, and ensuring that mission drives the development of Rutgers’ physical environment.